Mailing It In

I’ve got about 4 hours of work ahead of me tonight, so it seems like a really appropriate time to attempt to relaunch the blog (again).
This time I’m doing it under a pseudonym — very sneaky, I know.  I’ve also figured out how to post by email through the good folks at Posterous.  So hopefully that will make it easier for me to post.
Basically this is a way of fending off my friends who have been trying to shame me into sharing via Google Reader.  I figure if I have time to do that, I probably have time to dash off dinky blog posts, or at least do tab dumps on a somewhat regular basis.
So if you’re really interested in what’s caught my eye lately, this is probably the place to look.
For at least the next, like, week or so before I get too busy or lazy to keep it up.
#relaunch #posterous #googlereader #meta
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