The Inaugural Link Dump

“When a place gets boring, even the rich people leave.” Curious to see how New York looks when it emerges après le deluge. (h/t kottke)

You guys, I’m sorry I ever doubted the insane, Twitteriferous genius that is Shaquille O’Neal.

Okay, Jon Hamm: We get it. You’re handsome *and* funny.

Frank Miller’s Charlie Brown is pretty awesome, if a bit scary.

I’ve been enjoying the third season so far, so I guess the 2-season FNL pickup (if true) is welcome news, but I’ve been burned before, FNL. And in any event, this can’t be good news for Tim Riggins’s prospects of graduating Dillon HS in four five six (?) years.

And, while a bit old at this point, Bret singing Korean karaoke is just inspired. Love the Korean folks chiming in in the comments!

#linkdump #meltdown #twitter #therealshaq #jonhamm #charliebrown #tv #fnl #conchords


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