TV Deathmatch: New Boss (The Office) v. The Bubble (30 Rock)

So the basic idea of TV deathmatch is pretty simple.  Take 2 (or more) shows and render a judgment on which was better.  If I get ambitious (like today), I might even include a brief explanation of my reason for decision.
The inaugural matchup is last night’s episodes of The Office (“New Boss”) and 30 Rock (“The Bubble”).
Decision:  The Office > 30 Rock
RFD: Not a terribly easy call, but The Office takes it.  The whole Stringer Bell Charles Minor arc has an awesome “Homer’s Enemy” feel to it.  I also always love it when they knock Jim down a peg, but this in particular was exquisite, because it showed us that even though we typically think of Jim as our entry point in the show (he’s the supposedly “relatable” one), he’s actually just as crazy as everyone else.  (I also loved Karen’s talking head in “Gay Witch Hunt” for the same reason, but then they had to go ruin it all by having those two bone.  Hilariously, the only video I can find of her TH is one where somebody slowed it down to make her sound drunk.)
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