Oh, Internet Scammers. Don’t Ever Change.

No, seriously. Internet scammers: they don’t ever change.

Imagine my surprise when I received a Facebook IM, out of the blue, from a high school acquaintance I hadn’t spoken to in about 10 years. And imagine my further surprise when she told me she’d been mugged and needed me to send money to her! In London! Where she doesn’t live! (Someone had tried to pull this same scam on Glark about a month or two ago, which he posted about on Twitter.)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep the beginning part of the whole chat transcript, but here are some nuggets from the end of our (long) conversation:

Me: it seems like i should be able to call the hotel and the car company directly

Fraudster: settle some medical and other nagging bills

We will be fine

Me: give me the name of the hospital and hte doctor

Fraudster: I need the money directly

he is being treated by the hotel service

Me: that is so weird.

and what hotel did you say that was?

Fraudster: I need you to wire the money to me directly through Western Union

Lyton Studio

All you need to do the transfer is my name and present location

Me: i really want to help you guys but it really seems like the best way is for me to just take care of a couple of your bills for you

esp since you already have a flight back

Fraudster: yeah

that’s why i need you to send me the money directly

Me: ok but you need to give me the names of the htel and the doctor and the cab

no you guys have so much to worry about

just let me deal with them directly

Fraudster: how much can you afford to loan me?

No need to deal with them since we will be departing soon

How much can you loan me?

. . .

Me: it seems really weird to me that you won’t just let me deal with the hotel for you

if you’d just told me 10 minutes ago this would be over!

Fraudster: I have my reasons

let me have the money physically so i can handle it my way

I am so freaked out here

Me: you’re clearly in shock, that’s why i want to deal with these people directly.

Fraudster: not to that extent

would you speak to the hotel manager?

Me: i just need the name of the hotel

Fraudster: If you won’t helpful without these full details,maybe we should call it a day

Me: what flight are you on? i can pick you up when you land

Fraudster: you mean you can’t help me out?


. . .

Me: when was the last time you talked to my sister? i bet she can help you out!

Fraudster: you mean you can’t?

Me: did you see her when she was visiting ellicott city?

Fraudster: nope

Me: too bad

she really could help you out. she’s studying in london actually!

you should call her

gotta go!


#facebook #scam #glark

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