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Top Chef Speculation

Are we being set up for an Ed victory? I only started watching the show last season, and I don’t watch reality shows in general, so I don’t claim to have any particular insight as to how these things are edited. But:

  1. They do seem to be flogging his supposed romance/flirtation/whatever with Tiffany;
  2. They spent an awful lot of time on the “pea puree” controversy; and
  3. Generally speaking he seems to be getting screen time far in excess of his apparent merit or personality.

It’s not at all clear to me why they would be doing this except to try to force us to have an opinion — any opinion whatsoever, really (see #3 above) — of Ed as a contestant and potential winner.

Oh, Internet Scammers. Don’t Ever Change.

No, seriously. Internet scammers: they don’t ever change.

Imagine my surprise when I received a Facebook IM, out of the blue, from a high school acquaintance I hadn’t spoken to in about 10 years. And imagine my further surprise when she told me she’d been mugged and needed me to send money to her! In London! Where she doesn’t live! (Someone had tried to pull this same scam on Glark about a month or two ago, which he posted about on Twitter.)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep the beginning part of the whole chat transcript, but here are some nuggets from the end of our (long) conversation:

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New Side Project

Obviously, when your blog has been suffering from chronic, prolonged, and acute neglect, the best thing to do is start a whole separate blog as a side project. Well, ill-advised or not, that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do.

So, without further ado, I give you: WorldNetFaily.

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Who knew?

And all this time I thought Marty Peretz only was a fucking racist when it came to Arabs.  Turns out it extends to other types of brown people, too!  Huh.
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Q&A Time!

Q:  Inspired battle of wits?  Or giant waste of time?

A:  Yes.

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Truly the gift that keeps on giving.
Oh, man, my sides!
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Go away, Japanese id! You are scary! I am scared of you!*

This is yikes.

*  Title is from a brilliant travelogue by Seth Stevenson several years ago.

[Update:  Link fixt.]

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Flash of Brilliance? Or Insanity?

Hey, maybe the Feds should condition Title I funding on teaching evolution in schools.  I mean, no state would be crazy enough to turn down a boatload of federal money, right?

#politics #science #evolution

TV Deathmatch: Chuck vs. The Predator (Chuck) v. Old King Clancy (HIMYM)

(The premise of TV Deathmatch is explained here.)

Decision: Chuck > HIMYM

My reason for decision (as well as some thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the shows generally), after the jump.

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“Ow, my freakin’ ears!”

(Apologies in advance for the profanity and general shrillness.)
Douchebags (and the Nerds Who Love them). Okay, so I get that the Administration has decided that it would be counterproductive to alienate Wall Street completely.  And I don’t necessarily disagree with that.  But this sort of stuff really fucking pisses me off.  Who the fuck do these Wall Street douchebags think they are?  Basically, they really appear to have adopted the position of the action-movie villain, summarized nicely on This American Life by Simon Johnson thusly:  “That sure is a nice global economy you’ve got.  Be a shame if anything happened to it.”  Time to bring down the hammer, Barry.
Assholes.  Nino Scalia is a fucking homophobe.  That is not news.  But good on Barney Frank for saying so.  It’s about time we start treating him and the rest of his nutjob fellow-travelers with the respect they deserve.
Retards.  Since Fire Joe Morgan went on permanent hiatus, I’ve had to go out and actually seek out really retarded baseball commentary on my own, and as a result, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read something this eye-poppingly stupid.  Kudos, “ETVal.” (whoever that is! omglol!!!!!!!111)
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